Tuesday, 2 April 2013

And then she turned One.

This was my first glimpse at my daughter. This shot, is what Mum and my midwife saw and what Eddie and I had no idea about. We had absolutely no clue as to what the year that followed this would be like.....

But here we are. The baby is One Year Old. A whole 12 months. She has been out now longer than she was in for. And she is rapidly approaching toddlerhood and leaving babyhood behind.

This past year has been one of the most important of my life. Of course, I have grown and matured and changed with each child, but with having Olive I have realised who and what, is important in my life, and in my children's. I have cemented some very firm friendships that I am so incredibly thankful for.

And the support for my baby? Eddie and I couldn't ask for more. Everyone is incredible. Olive already knows she is well loved - you can tell in the way we wander around the shops and she charms everyone she can by permanently fixing a goofy smile to her chubby wee face. And in the way she hasn't yet learnt to clap, like most babies, yet she can say Aunty and Happy on cue.

Though she has all the support she will ever need, she also likes to be independant and she has a wonderfully feisty and determined streak - OK, it might be hard for Mummy to deal with that part right now when trying to make her sleep but it will only serve her well when she is older.

I am so immensely proud of my sweet girl. I have always wanted to show her to the world, to show how clever we are that we made such an  amazing and beautiful tiny human being. You know what though? We are REALLY clever....we made three of them ;-)

Happy 1st birthday our beautiful baby Olive. Love Mum, Dad, Jaxon and Meisha xoxo


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