Monday, 18 March 2013

With all babies/children you have a load of Firsts. First smile, first laugh, first food, first time they crawl, first time they sit, first tooth, first steps, etc etc. I thought with Olive being my third child I was somewhat seasoned to these Firsts (the good and bad ones!) and could still enjoy them all as I know (oh, too well!) they don't last.
But the other night, I had a different First. It may not be a big deal to anyone else, but it marked another wee step in our journey with our Nevus Bub.

We went for a swim at night with the kids, and seeing as the hotel had just cleaned the pool, it was packed. I think most guests had the same idea as us!
Kids had a ball, and though the pool was thermally heated, we still got a little cold so I got Olive out and wrapped a towel around myself. Mothers Instinct had me automatically go to take off Olive's wet and cold swimsuit to wrap a towel around her tiny body.

And for a split second, I halted.

I have never hesitated before to fulfill any of my children's needs for the sake of others, from breastfeeding them in public, to stripping them nudey in a beach carpark....but for different reasons, this time I paused in my actions. I realised people would look, and perhaps ask, or perhaps be intrigued, or disgusted (yes, we all know there are THESE kinds of people in the world, no matter how much you sugar coat it). And for that very small fraction of time, I considered whipping Olive up in the towel, wet swimsuit and all, and taking her back to our room.

But I am starting as I mean to carry on with my girl. She must be proud of her body, and never ashamed. Never hiding it (like her mother hides all her stretchmarks!), and never letting it stop her from doing anything - whether that be getting changed in a public changing room, or entering a swimsuit competition. She is beautiful, she is strong, and she is proud. Even  at 11 months old. This is my baby.

So I thought, F**k them.
And I took my baby's togs off, and wrapped her safely and warmly in her nice dry towel and we went back to our room, just like I did with my older two when they were her age.

This may not sound like a big deal to a lot of you, and in the scheme of things, it isn't.
But for me, as Olive's mama, it was another step.

Oh, and she frickin LOVED the swimming - apparently it is hilarious when Mummy goes underwater and jumps up saying BOO!

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