Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So the first year is over. Done and dusted, now we move into toddlerhood. The first year was a big roller coaster of emotions - shock, grief, overwhelming happiness, worry, fun, pride - not to mention tiredness (sleeeep child, sleeep!!).
I feel well settled now, in my role as Olive's Mum and as the carer of this wonderful owner of such an intriguing rare illness. Sometimes I feel as if we are so at peace with it, that we maybe even forget to check it as often as we should (bad mum!).
We are so used to seeing it, on her nakey bum or back, that when I see a 'clear' baby back it seems as though something is missing, lol.

Olive is progressing and developing right on par with others her age and we have no concerns whatsoever at the moment that there is anything going on 'inside' that shouldn't be.

She is a blimmin fast crawler, chasing her brother and sister up and down the hall, or racing to Mum or Dad for a quick snuggle before racing away again.
Clever bunny has even started letting go of furniture and taking some steps across the room. It does help if she has a focus - Mummy, Daddy, chocolate...yes, she has discovered the joy that is chocolate. She will sniff it out and squeal and carry on until she is allowed a minute taste.

Her vocabulary is growing each day, and she loves to announce to her siblings 'BAAA' when I ask if she wants a bath.

She has finally grown a tooth, and surprised us all when the top one appeared the other day as well. So she is now also the proud owner of two half teeth, which she clamps together and taps them on anything she can, to make a noise. Such a wee sweetheart though, she won't bite if your fingers are near - just gently puts her jaw together and then smiles broadly to show you how proud she is of her newly acquired chompers.

Along with the new teeth though, has come a few night wakings - they must be giving her grief, and all she wants is cuddles. I'm down with that.

We are all absolutely loving this age and stage - still very much our baby but a very interactive one. Giggling, talking, clapping, waving, laughing at her own jokes (namely, pulling my hair, or saying goodbye to Aunty and then Aunty drives back up - this is hilarious apparently!).

So there isn't much to report on a medical front, but any chance to brag about and show off my beautiful third love.

This is her having a blast with her Daddy at our wedding.

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