Thursday, 22 January 2015

Today is the day!

It's like Christmas in our house today. I have three very excited children, and us two almost as excited adults (albeit a tad stressed! ) who are going to board their first international flight in a few hours.

Today is Adelaide day!

Its 4am here in New Zealand and I have woken myself earlier than said children to have a coffee before madness descends upon our household.

2014 was a huge year for my family,  the biggest thing being mum's brain tumour. The excitement of Adelaide got buried when our worry and sadness of mum's situation took over.
Yet here we are, getting up at ridiculously early hours, getting ready to fly to our first Nevus Support Australia conference.  WITH mum.
My mum is a fighter. She has kicked this evil disease like a cancer fighting ninja. She is truly an inspiration. A woman so invested in treating her body with the care and attention it deserves. A successful and strong woman,  a wonderful role model for my children.

I am so proud to call her my mum, and best friend.

For weeks, Olive has been asking anyone and everyone if they too are coming to Adelaide.  Of course,  everyone says no, it's our special trip - but it has been a great opener to talk about how only some people have a Nevus.  I have explained to her that most people dont have one, that just her and a few other people were blessed to have special skin. So sge is super excited to meet her 'nevus friends' in Adelaide,  most of all the dear wee baby boy Jaxon ("just like our Jaxy aye mum!") who also has cmn.

I've been asked a lot about what part I am most looking forward to, and though I am really interested in the presentations and information,  I have to admit that i am really looking forward to socialising with this extended family we have adopted.  To be among others who understand my fears and triumphs that come with raising our little girl.

And I finally feel ready to arm myself with all I need and come home and throw myself into Nevus NZ, so we can provide similar support to those in New Zealand.

On that note, I'd better throw myself in the shower so I dont miss that plane!

I can never thank you all enough for giving us this opportunity.  Without everyones unfailing support and encouragement, we truly wouldn't be doing this.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart x


  1. Danielle Is sooooooo excited to meet your kids, especially Olive. See you soon xxx