Friday, 2 January 2015

There is such a build up to Christmas, it can be such a time of stress for many families. Expectations from people, commitments to fulfil, events to attend, money to fork out - you name it, it happens over the Christmas holiday season.
This year, we also had to move houses. So we did it three days before Christmas. A crazy decision in hindsight, but with the enormous help of my family and a good friend, we did it! We got in on the Monday and were all unpacked by the Tuesday. Kids got a tad neglected and left to their own devices (which generally consists of ipods, computers and ruining Mum's make up), but it wasn't long and we were all settled in. We are still getting used to the different house and surroundings, but overall we are happy with a new beginning. And the kids can stay at the same school, which is a biggie for us.

For Christmas, we brought India to Mum since she couldn't go on her trip in the end. It was great! Lots of beautiful Indian outfits, delicious food, and memories with my amazing family.

So with all of that craziness out of the way, we can now focus on the trip to Adelaide. Three short weeks and we will be flying out. I actually can't wait. There are so many people I will have the opportunity to meet on this trip, and so much information I can drain from them! Not to mention, the kids and I have never been overseas so that is exciting in itself!

Olive is super excited but still doesn't really understand time concept so often asks, 'we going to Adelaide today Mama?'. I have told her about the wee baby, Jaxon, who has a nevus like hers and she can't wait to see him. I think she just likes the idea of not being the baby for once as well!

As you know, we shave the big satellites on her arms and legs to allow for easier sunblock application. The other day she grabbed Eddie's nose trimmer (what we use to shave as it is quiet and not scary for her) and came out and asked me to shave her nevus while Pop was here. She sat very quietly and attentively while showing Pop how it's done.

Later that evening, she was running around nudey after her bath and ended up lying on my bed stroking her thigh.
'Dad!' she called.
'We shave my back?'

I couldn't help giggling at the demanding request of a little girl to her Daddy.

We talked to her about it and told her we weren't going to as it might become really itchy when it rubs on her clothes, especially with how hot it has been here lately and how hot it will be in Adelaide.

She understood, and was happy to leave it for now.

But isn't it funny, how you might think of yourself assessing situations like whether to let your girl shave her legs, etc perhaps at pre-teen or teen age, but for our nevus babies we are contemplating whether to let them do these apparently socially acceptable acts before they even start school? And it's not even a big deal, it just is.

Let's make 2015 a great year. For happiness, prosperity and health. For research and cures and growth.

Let's make it count.

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