Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Oh, to live in the life of  a 16 month old. To spend your day carting things from one room to another, trying your luck every 5 minutes to see if Mum may have forgotten to put the safety catch on the rubbish door (apparently there's a treasure trove in there!) and getting into the fridge as quick as you can to pinch the tomato sauce, have a quick lick on the top of the bottle before running away giggling maniacally. Throw in strategically placing pillows on the ground as a lever onto the couch, turning the TV off every time your siblings have it on, and walking into a room then suddenly side stepping like you are against an imaginary wall, and you have my Olive.

She is the funniest little character. I am always saying that to people. Everybody says how charming she is, and how crazy. She makes people fall in love with the beautiful and innocent way she says 'hi!' or 'Huyyow!!' to every passing person. Women sit and cluck over her and give her high fives and kisses (yes I have had to get over that one a little, when she is constantly asking 'mah?' for a kiss - Olive's interpretation of 'mwah!'). Old men stop and comment on her gorgeous locks. She demands a greeting from all the school Mums and at the supermarket she tries to tickle the checkout girls (yeah, that one made me turn a bit red).

The thing I love the most about all of the attention, is that it is for Olive, for who she is. Nobody can see her nevus. They don't feel sorry for her because she may look different. There is no sympathy there. Just pure adoration for a wonderful and charismatic baby girl. I am so incredibly proud of my darling daughter. She makes our world spin.

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