Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lucky lucky white horse

I know they say it's not wise to count your chicken's before they hatch, but I have come to the realisation that we are so incredibly LUCKY with Olive.

She is 15 months now, and so far, we have had no issues with her nevus.  I'd like to say I have my fingers crossed as I make this statement, but you know what? We have already had the big lesson that 'what will be, will be' so I think that applies now as well.

I was so worried that we would have these other sideline issues that are known with CMN - overheating, itchiness,  NCM, tearing, to mention a few. I was terrified of the day she got chicken pox because I could just imagine the pox being so brutal on her delicate skin. But none of this has come into play!

This kid bounces off walls - literally. She is like an old drunk the way she toddles around with her pigeon toes pointing inwards, fat toes (they overlap!) gripping the ground....she is even attempting running! Though she seems to have her mother's genes (or lack of) for that particular sport...she too collapses after just a short while.
But the point is, she tries, and she falls and she bangs her back on the corners of walls and tables and benches. She donks her head on tables and bunks and bookshelves.
But we haven't ever had any issues with it damaging the nevus skin! Obviously as she get's older this may occur, on school playgrounds and the like. But for now, we have been absolutely able to let Olive be a normal healthy toddler. Because she is!

She is talking up a storm, she tells people to 'hang on!' and says 'buhbye' at the most appropriate times. I had to take her for a blood test yesterday and as they were trying to find her vein she decided that was enough so promptly squirmed her way out of my arms declaring, 'buhbye! buhbye!'.

There is never a dull moment in our house with this tiny little comedian lurking. We have all (re)discovered the joy of BOO - leaping out at her from beyond doorways and staircases, terrifying the little mite into fits of giggles.

If you are hungry, you will be sure to find a cracker or bickie stash in a multitude of hiding places - the toy box, Olive's car seat, her wooden cart, and apparently Mum's bag contains toast crusts in the side pocket.

The latest game is Ta. Olive gives you something, kindly saying Ta as she does. She then demands it back - 'TA!'. Give it back to her, she smiles. Then insists, no no, you have it - 'ta!'. If you say no, the 'ta' gets more insistent, as do the pushes, until you suddenly realise there is no getting out of this 'game' now...quick! Distract her with crackers!!

She has also learnt (quite quickly in my opinion!) that the rustling sound, it normally means when she hears the rustling of a packet, little feet come running with that all-too-insistent 'TA!!'.

Yes, I know she is JUST 15 months and we more than likely have lots of the discomforts and 'problems' of CMN in our future, but the lack of it from her birth until now has made it so much easier for us to enjoy our baby and get to know HER, and not her nevus.

She is an old soul, my girl, and she has been given to us (all, not just Eddie and I) to teach a multitude of lessons, the main one - Enjoy Your Children <3


  1. Hi Kizzie,
    I found your great blog on Olive on the Nevus page and I am going to start to follow it. She is such a doll and you are so lucky to have her! I am so glad that to hear that she hasn't had any serious health scares.
    If you follow blogs- we are at:

    I really just stated blogging so its super great or anything.:) Bridget

    1. I'm sorry, I somehow missed your comment! Thank you for commenting. I have just started to follow yours and will have a proper read in the morning! :)