Sunday, 22 July 2012

I read somewhere (possibly in the support group?) that the nevus looks it's worst, or most dramatic, at birth. In Olive's case, this is most definitely conducive. When she was first born it was very very dark and had 2 spots, one on each side, that were like raised nodules, and had hair from them. Now, at almost 16 weeks old, they have both disappeared.
It could be because I see it every day, so I am used to it now, but it does seem lighter in colour. Though this could also be that her skin tone has changed from that more red sort of newborn colour to how it is now.
She has also gained some thick hair just at the top of her wee bum, as well as a good coverage of it (but thinner and less of it) near the top, and on her thighs. The hair on the one on her arm has grown longer, and the one on her fontanelle is very thick!

She always gets comments on her cool hairdo, and it's funny because I always feel as though I need to explain WHY it is cool....but really, people wouldn't know unless I told them! I sometimes wonder what people think, in public, when I am carrying her when they can see her spotty head. Do they assume it is birthmarks? Bruises? It doesn't worry me, but it does interest me.

I tend to forget sometimes that it can be quite shocking to see her BTN for the first time, because I am so used to it now! I love the interest people take in her 'condition', and how eager people are to know more. I find myself rambling on too much sometimes, but it is so easy too - I mean, how can you not love this face.....

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