Friday, 6 July 2012

When we were first told Olive had a GCMN, the doctors told us they didn't know too much about it, because it was rare. We had lots of differing advice and suggestions on how to care for her, and what the future holds. Every doctor we have seen has said straight off the bat, that surgery is near impossible. I know for a fact this is not the case, as I have emailed a well renowned plastic surgeon in Chicago with pictures of Olives, for an email consultation. This man does lots of surgeries to remove CMN's and is the most experienced in the world in what he does.
He said that Olive would have a great chance of success in removal of her bathing trunk nevus (BTN), and he was kind enough to send me some powerpoint presentations on skin expanders (gosh they look scary!).

While I appreciate immensely the time he took to reply to my questions, both Eddie and I feel that it isn't our place to alter Olive's body in such a huge way. (This isn't to say I disagree with other parents making that decision, I am talking solely for Eddie and I, as parents to OUR daughter). At this stage, we will not be pursuing surgery unless it is for medical/health reasons. I feel Olive was born this way for a reason. Already she has taught me so much more in such a short time, as a Mother, and as a person. To change or remove that feels as if we are saying it is not OK, and I want Olive to grow up thinking of it more as a positive than a negative.

In saying all of that, we are still learning as well. I am so glad she is little while this is all new to me, as I don't want her to see me upset about things which on the whole, just don't matter. For instance, the other day I found her first satellite on her face and burst into tears! I had this silly 'hope' that her face would stay clear. I also cried when I realised her back was getting hairier. For some reason the hair seems the worst bit to me - not the dramatically different skin colour, but the hair. It doesn't even matter! She is the most beautiful girl ever to me, and always will be - spots or not! It all just still takes some getting used to, and as I said, i am so thankful she is a baby while all these changes are taking place.

Olive's nevus on her back has no subcutaneous fat layer...that is no fat layer under the skin. It is very very thin, and feels as though it may tear easily. I am wondering how careful she will need to be when she is guessing she won't ever get a smack on the bum! ;-P

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