Sunday, 24 December 2017

The fat guy in red is making an appearance tonight!  I have three super excited kids counting down the sleeps. I also can't' wait - the looks on their sleepy faces when they emerge at the crack of dawn and spy the present laden tree and the magic Santa has left. It's my favourite time of the year, hands down.

We're having our family Christmas today, and in between glazing the ham and preparing pavlova, I can't help thinking about the bitter sweetness of Christmas.
This year has been so difficult for me, in many ways.  My health took precedent and I was forced to take the time for Me to rest and recover. It appears to have paid off,  because I've been in clinical remission for a good few months now. Though I still battle heavily with fatigue and lack of motivation,  I'm no longer dealing with pain - and I'm so thankful for that.

My kids have all dealt with their own new issues this year at school and helping them to overcome those has been a lesson in itself for me.
After an amazing start to the school year with Olive, in the last few weeks there she suddenly developed anxiety. It took a bit of figuring out and after being sent home upset and with a sore tummy a few times, we realised what it was. Her teacher and the office staff have been awesome though in helping her cope and we are hoping with a decent break, she will start the year refreshed and not so anxious.

We had the lump on her back checked out, and though it appears from her medical photos to have been there since birth, her dermatologist wants to err on the side of caution. She doesn' think it's a lipoma from the grainy feel of it so has ordered an ultrasound to see what kind of tissue is making the bump up. She does not seem alarmed though so neither are we.

In July we lost my dear wee Little Nana. She was the last of my blood relative grandparents and she lived a full life to the ripe old age of 92. My nana was the dearest woman, who, before alzheimers took hold, had a quick wit and a sharp tongue when necessary. She had a special fondness for the family babies and children and even when her mind started to fail her, she would delight in watching them having fun. It brought great sadness to our family when she passed and I think of her all the time. Our matriarch is sorely missed.

The best and most exciting thing to happen this year was my darling niece being born. Zoe was born in June and is now 6 months. She is the most delightful baby, and we all adore her so much! She's a serious little girl who loves to people watch. She always gives aunty a big gummy grin though!
There's something so special about being an aunty. I'm lucky enough to be able to babysit her sometimes and I always thoroughly enjoy my time with her. She makes my heart melt with her sweet little ways, even at just 6 months she is a quirky little girl who charms the pants off everyone she meets.
All the grandkids love her to bits and Olive wishes she could live with us!
She has brought a brightness and light to what was overall a pretty shoddy year.

Though my own kids also bring the most beautiful light to my world,  it's different with your own as you also have the daily routine of all the moods - not just the good ones! Haha!

Despite their bad moods, moaning and grumpiness though, tomorrow - Christmas morning - is all about them! They've all just gone to bed, willing themselves to go to sleep quickly so they can wake up quicker. Santa will come soon, deliver his parcels, eat some cookies, chug some milk and I'm sure those messy reindeer might leave a hint of their visit somewhere....

Merry Christmas everyone. Love, light and happiness to you all xo

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