Thursday, 10 September 2015

There's a lot to be said for family. I was blessed with a huge one. And not all of them are blood related. Many I have known since the day I was born and many more I have met along the way. I love them all so much, and couldn't imagine a life without knowing them. Most I don't see nearly enough but when push comes to shove, they are there. Waiting. With arms open wide and hearts full of love.

Tomorrow is D Day for Ma. Her second surgery to remove the tumour. She was admitted today and is first on the surgical list tomorrow for 8am brain surgery. Another giant step in Mums courageous fight against this god-awful disease threatening to take her life. She's so brave. She wasn't nervous today when we went to say our 'see you when you wake up' goodbyes. I am though. Surgery is scary. Especially when it's your mum!

We were thrown a curveball though when my older sister was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. Today has been a waiting game, with her in tremendous pain, waiting to be called in to surgery. She has just finally come out and it is now 10pm and I am sitting in the hospital waiting room. Normally bustling with activity, it is now dead quiet and an eerily good place to reflect on a shitter of a day.

Today has been psychologically exhausting, but it's shown me how lucky we are to have such an amazing network.
My sister has two beautiful children, the oldest of which stood up and took care of his 16 year old self and 12 year old sister all night while their mum was in hospital.
Our lifelong friend, who happened to be going for a cuppa with my sister and instead ended up spending the entire night in a hospital with her, sleeping on a settee.
The kids nana who went to their house at 7am this morning and got them ready and off to school.
My dad who went straight up to the hospital so she wasn't alone then drove back to get my niece from school and spent the day and night with her.
My brothers for taking mum out for lunch before she had to be admitted. One brother, for sitting with mum for hours until my stepdad got there. My other brother for taking food, because being vegetarian and gluten free sucks! For having me to chill at his place while our sister was in surgery, even though he wanted to go to bed.
My little sister for offering to take my shift at the hospital despite feeling under the weather herself. My husband for doing the nighttime routine so I could be with my sister, even though he is supposed to be packing for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to Tahiti tomorrow.
To all the people texting us and messaging me, keeping our family in your thoughts.
To my best friend for making me a mixed CD years ago that resurfaced tonight and provided me with the good tunes of Snoop, Goldginger, Cat Stevens, Dre and Westside Connection while I drove and waited.

Imagine not having all these people to put their hands up and step up without being asked, and doing it without complaint. My world is full of love and I appreciate it every single day, today even more so.

I started writing this post as I waited in the hospital. I am now home, in my pj's, cuppa tea in hand. My beautiful little family are obliviously snoring their heads off while I reflect on how fortunate we really are.

We have love. We may not all have our health right now, but we have love. And no matter what happens, that love is strong enough to carry us through.

Sweet dreams my family - all of you.

See you when you wake up after surgery Mum. I love you xo

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