Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I'm often told I should start a blog just for the funny things Olive says. Perhaps it is because I have forgotten what my older two were like at this age, but I'm sure Oli is the funniest kid we've had. She is a wise old soul and has been here before, I am sure. There is a certain 'knowing' that radiates from her. She is like an adult in a tiny person's body. This post is purely to give an insight into Life With Olive.

Recently Olive had a sleep over at her Pop's house. She was a very big girl and was very good for Pop, and thoroughly enjoyed her special time with him. When he dropped her home, he told me he'd finally figured out what she'd been giving him...I cracked up. I'd forgotten to warn him that she likes to pick her nose and shove her hand at you saying, 'here yah! Have it!', heavily demanding you take the booger from between her fingers. Revolting little mite she is!

I've mentioned before about Olive making friends when we're out and announcing her arrival whenever we get somewhere by loudly proclaiming, 'hello!'. Most shop keepers find this utterly amusing, as well as most passersby.
Recently I went to the dairy to grab a few baking things and Oli came for the ride. There is a lovely Chinese man who owns the dairy and my Aunty also works there. Of course, Olive got doted on by the both of them and Olive was eyeing up the ice cream as Choy, the owner, scooped one up for other customers. As soon as I'd politely declined my Auntys offer to buy the kids an ice cream, Choy came over with a vanilla ice cream on a cone for Oli....that was it. She was his best friend. The entire way home, she repeated over and over - 'hanks Choy! hanks Choy!'.
Once home, she showed off to the big kids that she had an ice cream and they didn't. While Meisha tried to hide the fact that she was more than a tad pissed off, Olive continuously knocked on the door of the room Meisha was in and whenever Meisha looked, Olive would take a biiiig lick of her ice cream and announce, 'ICE CREAM!'. Needless to say, Meisha was not impressed!

Speaking of when we are out, Olive has decided to no longer call Eddie Daddy, but to call him by his name. So often when we are out, she makes him look like my boyfriend lol. Sits in her buggy, calling, 'Hi Mum! Hi Eddie!' and just the other day she even made another transition when she called, 'Ed!!'. It makes me laugh every time.

She is at that terrible in between stage - the one where she is old enough to be naughty, but too young to really understand,' NO'. She has taken to climbing the fireplace, the tables, the TV table, chairs....ugh, my nerves!
Distraction seems to be the key, though she can also be a determined little blighter. On the odd night her bedtime is later than the big kids, she runs into the room and speeds up to Meisha's face, saying 'hi Moo, hi Moo' (we call her Meisha-Moo).  Tonight she was doing it so I sat in the doorway to block her entrance. She proceeded to full on head charge me, ramming at them, trying to get through my legs.

Olive has a scream to rival a banshees. I think because we are all so loud and talk over the top of each other (terrible trait, I get it from my Father's side :P), she has learnt to do the same. As soon as we all start having a conversation, Olive will start demanding something - anything!- at the top of her lungs. Failing that, she will just sing her go-to song: 'why, why, why, why whyyyyyy'. Thanks for teaching her that one, Grandma.

This daughter of mine is going to have a shoe fetish when she is older, I'm telling you now! She is forever eyeing up people's kicks. She chose her own pair of Puma's one day at the shoe shop, by walking into the shop, grabbing that pair of shoes, demanding 'on' to the salesgirl, and then announcing, 'bye!' once on. I'd like to say she has style but she actually doesn't. She loves traipsing around in different shoes, different sizes. Doesn't bother her if one has a heel or if they are two left feet gumboots, or if they are 10 sizes too big. She just. Loves. Shoes.

Being the beginning of December, we have started to bring out Christmas Decorations. We have a large ornament/contraption thingy which is a scenery of a snowy mountain with lights and train tracks and all that jazz. There are two little train tracks on which two little trains go around and around to Christmas songs. Little Miss has take it upon herself to stand and watch, dance for a moment or two, clap in delight and then promptly take each train off, claiming the thing is broken 'Boken, mum! Boken!' I am dreading putting the tree up.

The other day, Olive wandered around chiming, 'can't can't can't'...only her pronounciation was way off and she was rhyming it with 'runt' instead of 'aunt'.

She tries to sit on the small Barbie furniture, the couch and bike, horse and what have you. The sheer determination of trying again and again without frustration, when the tiny piece keeps buckling astounds me! Size doesn't fit in anywhere for her.

Olive likes to greet people she likes with, 'hey buddy'. After she farts or burps she says 'pardy me!'.
When we go to get in the car, Olive will run and say 'fwont!' copying Jax and Meish, even though she is never allowed in the front and I doubt has any idea what it means!

Some of these things exasperate me (especially the climbing!) but she gets away with it all most of the time. I am probably making a rod for my own back and all of that, but this kid does all of these funny things with such charisma and humour that it is hard to not see the pleasure in it.

Fingers crossed it doesn't turn out to bite me in the bum!

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