Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We have movement!

At 8.5 months, Little Madam has discovered how to commando crawl. She is proud as punch about it too. Now, she can get into all those DVD's and XBOX games near the TV....she can scoot into the kitchen when Mummy is busy cooking (danger!) and she can make her way to the garage door when she hears it opening as an indication that her 'Dadda' is home.
The wee tyke is fast claiming her place in our family, and oh what a beloved one it is! Olive is so doted on by everybody, though she seems to have an extremely special place in her Pop's and her brother's hearts. She loves those two and is never low on smiles and fake (sometimes real!) laughs for them.

Her little curl is getting so long it has almost doubled over. She is our very own little TinTin girl and she most definitely lives up to the poem -

There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead

When she was good
She was very good
But when she was bad
She was horrid!

Olive has us all wound very lighly around her chubby little fingers and reeled in as close as she can get us. And so she should - she is absolutely one of the cutest babies *I've* ever seen! (Ok, ok, I might be biased, but come on - how can you resist this face?):

Because she is such a charmer, I thought she may have charmed the pants off the dermatologist we went to see last week.
Ahhh no.

She was quite happy to take her clothes off and show him her nevus but when it came to putting said clothing back on, she threw quite an impressive tiny sized tantrum. Thankfully Pop was there to entertain her for me.

It was quite a productive appointment, in comparison to the first one we had for Olive. This time, the derm listened to me and made me feel as important as him in the decisions regarding Olive and her care, and he was happy to discuss all points and issues I had.

Olive is booked for an eye test, to check for lesions on the backs of her eyes. We are not going to have an MRI performed, as she is not displaying any developmental delays or issues and we all feel it is too much for a tiny person to go through (with the sedation and what have you) when it will not change anything.

Olive will continue to have 6 monthly checks with him for the next wee while. She will have her head circumference checked every 3 months by our GP - this is also to keep an eye on any potentially enlarging growths or nevi.

I am fairly certain my baby will be just fine. So far, she is a happy and bouncy wee thing. She is just getting into her solids finally, and seems to have great motor skills. With this new found skill of moving around, she has shown that she is developing just as normally as other children, and I have no doubt she will continue to do so.

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