Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Apparently the nevus looks the most dramatic at birth. This makes sense because newborns often take a while to ease into their colouring, so you would imagine it would be just the same for the 'different' skin.
Family and friends all comment (as do Eddie and I!) about how Olive's has definitely lightened. I wondered if that was perhaps more due to the fact that we are just used to it now. So I finally took some more photos (what a terrible mother, I haven't been taking monthy ones :-\) of her nevus, to compare.

This is one taken at 4 days old. The gauze was to protect her skin as it rubbed on her nappy and ripped and bled.
This one is taken today, at just over 6 months old.

Granted, the lighting is different (earliest one was at night with the light on, second one taken in natural light) but I think comparing the two we can easily say it HAS lightened! Especially around her bottom. You can see the hair at the top, and on her thighs, that wasn't there at birth but over the last few weeks especially has gotten very thick and grows in a wee swirl in the centre of her back. You can also see how the fat distribution on her thighs differs side to side. 

You can also see, just how squishy that tiny baby bum is! <3

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